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Production ERP offers advanced work orders, manufacture orders, bills of materials, and other tools you need to maximize efficiency in your production process. Whether you have simple or more complex manufacturing needs, Production ERP is a great solution for all your Manufacturing requirements.

popular features include:

  • Automated custom, batch, and repair work orders
  • Lot tracking and serial number tracking in work orders
  • Work order instructions
  • Multilevel bill of materials
  • Bill of materials costs
  • Available to build calculations
  • Manufacture order to purchase order functionality
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Inventory Management

Inventory management is a critical part of every business. Production ERP provides powerful inventory management features to help your business manage multiple warehouses, track shipments, automatically reorder products, Stock Transfer to Locations and much more.

popular features include:

  • Comprehensive Recording of Stock Movement
  • Multi Locations Stock Control (Batch-wise)
  • Stock Transfer to Locations
  • Create auto reorder points for every item in your warehouse
  • Dramatically speed up the receiving process
  • Track products on their way to customers

Multi Level Bill of Materials

After you create a bill of materials in Production ERP you can save it for future use. So if you have a popular product you can simply replicate the appropriate bill of materials each time you need more of it. This makes the manufacturing process faster by keeping the instructions always close at hand.

with Production ERP, you can:

  • Create and fulfill multiple bills of materials at the same time
  • Define Production stages
  • Replicate a bill of materials as many times as you like
  • Easily update quantities and parts in a bill of materials when necessary
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Job Card

Production ERP is an ideal inventory solution for many types of manufacturers. It allows you to create both simple and complex Job Cards for a variety of tasks. You can also group multiple Job Card into overarching manufacture orders to streamline production and establish accountability at each step of the manufacturing process.

popular features include:

  • Create Job card one at a time or in batches
  • Use them for assembly, disassembly, repair, and other jobs
  • Create Job card for every kind of job, from simple to multilevel
  • Enter Daily production entry as well as Consumption vouchers
  • Organize manufacturing jobs by production stages
  • Compare estimates to the actual time it takes to complete each stage
  • Assign tasks to specific workers
  • Schedule tasks to ensure they’re done in the proper order
  • Give real-time inventory levels and production updates

Order Management

Generating purchase orders, sales orders & Job work orders with Production ERP. Production ERP smooths out the order management process so every step of the way you are in control of your inventory and have the information you need to make informed ordering decisions.

order management features let you:

  • Quickly receive products into your warehouse
  • Pick, pack, and ship products to customers
  • Track shipments to their destinations
  • Set up automatic reorder points for parts and products to keep a balanced inventory
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Material Requirements Planning

Material requirements planning (MRP) is a production planning and inventory control system. An MRP integrates data from production schedules with that from inventory and the bill of materials (BOM) to calculate purchasing and shipping schedules for the parts or components required to build a product.

popular features include:

  • Sales Order (Make to Order) or Manufacturing Advice Order (Make to Stock)
  • System will generate Material requirement planning against multi level Bill of material
  • As above screen you will check on Action button as per item level selection
  • click on MAO/Indent button
  • if you are going with buying the Raw Material Indent should be click on indent button data should be generate automatic
  • if you are going with in-house production process then click on MAO button should be generate automatic

Tally Integration

Production ERP integrates seamlessly with every version of Tally. Tally is a useful accounting solution, but it can't handle inventory management for manufacturing units tasks like Raw Material to Finish goods, part tracking, advanced bill of materials, MRP and job card. Production ERP can do these things and many others.

Production ERP with Tally Integration
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Quotation Management

A Quotation is interesting when you have never purchased the products with that supplier before and therefore don't know their price. It is also useful if you want to challenge your suppliers once you have a well-established relationship with them. You can also use it to assess the cost of a project and see if it makes it feasible.

Flexible and feature rich quoting helps to convert sales activities into sales orders. Production ERP allows the creation of sales quotations, estimates and sales proposals in a faster manner with 100% accurate data. It is possible to enter customer details or retrieve the same from existing data sets. Similarly, products can be added and categorized or retrieved from a pre-existing source. While preparing sales quotations, it is possible to add items from pre-existing quotations which may be categorized. The Production ERP provides a predefined set of templates to enable you to prepare quotations estimates and sale proposals easily.

Quotation management features let you:

  • Request for sales Quotation
  • Purchase Quotation
  • Quotation Compression

Quality Control

Production ERP has a feature of inspecting goods (Production, purchase and store department) with our quality control module helps a business keep a track of its quality levels at various stages. Thus helping it to detect the quality variance at initial stages, initiate rectification procedures and reduce wastages.

Installing Production ERP quality control module is like taking a step ahead to improve quality control across your entire organization.

with Production ERP, you can:

  • Business activity monitoring
  • Inventory inspections
  • Reject & scrap tracking and analysis
  • Certificates of analysis
  • Receiving inspections
  • Lot and serial number tracking and traceability
  • Master specification tracking
  • Master specification tracking
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